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I'm THAT girl. Whimsical. Idealist. Good at what I do.


I'm THAT girl. Whimsical. Idealist. Good at what I do.

My Story

I started my career in nonprofit marketing. I started my life’s calling in 2008 when a girl full of shame yet full of promise sat down to watch the Olympics. It turned out to be one part of a series of events that led me to uncover who I am today.

Because I know the pain and inconvenience of knowing you’re special and no one else has the knowledge, I’ve dedicated my days to help others show up in the power of who they are … flaws and all. This process translates from personal brands, nonprofits and corporate brands.

I firmly believe in this work. I believe in the power of your story and how you can use it to change the life around you. I know without pause that you’re the person people are waiting for. It’s my job to bring forth that gift — a job I take to heart.

I’m that girl who

… cries at commercials and really good movie endings (or really bad ones).
… loves the underdog, the slow runner, the impossible dream.
… loves musicals and believes the world’s problems would be far less contentious if we had to argue and disagree in song. I’ve been known to spontaneously break into song (don’t worry, I’m normally alone).
… believes in justice understanding that justice is not necessarily the outcome but the process.
… believes in the lyrics and sweeping notions of We Are the World and Man in the Mirror (Though I have to admit, I’m not sure if that’s because Michael Jackson was involved. I’ve won two Halloween contests dressed as the King of Pop. #justsayin).
… like to boldly color outside the lines until my OCD kicks in. #erase
… loves all things Wonder Woman. I could open a museum. I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman. I’m just saying no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room. (You do the math).
… knows that emotion sells and I use it handily.
… believes when no one else does.

Reesy Floyd-Thompson is the president of StoryMakers: Center for Advocacy, Awareness & Change (SMC), a communications and messaging firm representing nonprofits, faith communities, socially-driven private companies & entrepreneurs. 

As president and chief storytelling officer of SMC, Reesy brings over 15 years of marketing and public relations experience to this role. She is an award-winning author and advocate who has been recognized for her creativity and business acumen in the areas of storytelling and brand messaging. With her marketing expertise, she’s helped organizations raise over $2 million, meet celebrity influencers and win a new car. 

Reesy is dedicated to teaching organizations how to move past jargon, vague and complicated language and embrace the use of strategic storytelling to unite people around a cause, influence behaviors and move people to action. She is an advocate for social change and believes story is the one thing that truly brings the world together. 

She has been featured or quoted in Business Insider, Blavity, Entrepreneur, YFS Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inside Business, CoVABIZ and Coastal Virginia Magazine. She was named Best Outstanding Emerging Professional and Best Social Media Personality by CoVA Biz Magazine. She is also a Women in Business honoree as named by Inside Business.

My Mission

My mission is to help organizations craft narratives and storylines to communicate the value of the transformation they provide to create a world where we are closer and more understanding for having learned of each other stories. 

Origin Story

I cried like there was no tomorrow as I watched the U.S. Women’s Olympic team’s 4×4 relay. It was a qualifying round and the team favored to win gold just dropped the baton on the last leg. Despite the embarrassment and public shame, the runner picked up the baton and kept going, running at the pace of the agony of defeat.

The dream of winning a gold medal — gone, but that moment was golden. What started as a slow stream of tears was now a full-blown weeping and wailing session with swollen eyes, a pressure headache and unsightly bodily fluids draining from my face. It was the ugly cry to end all ugly cries.

I was sad about the race, but this was more than disappointment. It was devastation, but not from what I expected. At the time of the race, I was five years into my life as a prisoner’s wife, living largely in the margins of my days on the corner of embarrassment and shame. I wondered, “Why don’t I have that?”  That thing the runner had that made her keep going.

I realized for so much of my life I had been that baton, dropped, and left behind, at the mercy of others. But this time I wanted to be the runner. I wanted to be the person who picked up the baton, that carried on, that made the decisions.

I wanted to be a leader, despite being a statistic.

That’s when “she” showed up — Wonder Woman. I was born with an “S” on my chest. My birth name is Shereese. But, what emerged on the other side of those tears was WONDERfilled — rooted in love, justice and humanity. It was a mindset. It changed me. Wonder Woman became my personal mantra.

Don’t be at the mercy of others. Make your own decisions and run with them.

The truth is – all the world is waiting on you and the WONDER you possess because your story is golden.

No lasso required.

I was born with an "S" on my chest
The name on my birth certificate reads Shereese. I narrowly escaped being a “B” because my mother planned to name me Bridgette. That was close. 😉

Here how that “S” continues to show up in my life.

When I was born the first of three.

When I discovered I could carry a tune and spent years in an ensemble chorus group.

When I placed in gifted and talented classes and always sat in the front.

When I learned my dad had been murdered and I opted out of the funeral. It wasn’t until I grew up when I realized the many regrets I would have.

When I married the love of my life in a Philadelphia courtroom months before he was sentenced to prison for 12 ½ to 25 years.

When I lived life as a prisoner’s wife not yet knowing my real power.

When I couldn’t.

When I started the organization Prisoners’ Wives, Girlfriends and Partners (PWGP) to give women like me a place to be seen and heard.

When I realized through PWGP, I’d reach all seven continents. When I realized the power of one voice.

When I used my life and my skills to tell the stories of those who largely go unheard. I would spend 15 years in nonprofit marketing giving back.

When I finally chose myself and walked away from a “good-paying job”  so I could pursue my dreams of business ownership.

When I interned through my life learning the art of storytelling and branding. When I had to make my personal drama relatable to others and be affable enough to allow others to get close so I could educate.

When I guide my clients to become their own hero.

When I divorced my husband months before he came home and remarried him 8 months later.

When I’ve always had a side hustle because I can’t shut off my creativity. I’m the founder of THE LEAGUE Network – a story + marketing training that’s even better with superfriends. I’m the founder of Prisoners’ Wives, Girlfriends and Partners – a resource for families separated by prison. I’m the co-founder of Brown Girls Marketing – affordable marketing for minority women businesses. And I’ve made and sold clothing, jewelry, candy crafts and so much more.

When I realized the “S” on my chest would eventually become WONDER because that’s where love and humanity resides.

When I think about this journey that’s all mine.

Turn your experiences into profitable brand stories. 

Are you ready to tell your story?

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