You want to be an influencer? You already are. You hold the power to the one thing that makes you unforgettable … your story.


I Am My Story LIve™ is a program that teaches females entrepreneurs to change the mindset of downplaying their skills and learn how to boldly sell their expertise through story. You are the stories you tell yourself and there are two sides to this one works in your favor and the other keeps you stuck. My role is to guide you into becoming the hero in your life and wield the power of who you are and declare I. Am. It’s a two-day event where : *You will be empowered to share your story. *You will laugh. *You will cry. *You will be surrounded by others who want to make their mark on the world. *You will be filled with WONDER.
This is not a seminar or a lectures. It’s interactive. Come prepared to have fun. This is not a swag bag and a smile event. You will walk away with an actual story you can use in your marketing. And if you think it’s  just about storytelling, think again. It’s a high-energy, good time where transfomation happens.  Leave the workshop ready to make your mark on the world and with tangible tools to do so.

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The Wonder List: 215 Ways to Use the Internet to Market Yourself

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