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   Tell the story that changes your life and business.

(Even if no one knows you, you think your story is boring or you don’t know where to start)


“Even if no one knows you…” That’s the part that sticks to your spirit. 

Does my existence matter?
Will people care about what I do?
Will people remember me?
Will people say my name?
Will history be kind?
Will my life make a difference?
Is this all there is?
Every day you silently think about your mortality. Not in a morbid way, but in an “Am-I-doing-enough?” way.

Your greatest fear is not living up to your potential. Your experiences have prepared you for something great but what?
You’re living a going-through-the-motions kind of life. You’ve seen that movie before and it doesn’t end well. 

For all you say you want in life, you are also terrified of what could be if only you get out of your own way.  

Deep down you don’t want to leave this planet without having your say or getting out of life what you put into it, what you sacrificed, what you cried for, barely got over, or triumphed through.

Hear what Greta had to say about her story. 

There are 3 reasons why you are here:

You understand the value of your story and you’re ready to tell it and use it to shape the lives of others. #fierceurgencyofnow

You keep hearing the word “story”. You think you need it, but not sure how it applies to you. It can’t be that important right? #skeptic

You are being nosy and all over here looking at what I’m doing and not building your own thing. Get! #comparisonkeepsyoustuck

Hello there skeptics, let’s talk. 

My challenge right now is to show you the value of how your story can change your life and business. 

Storytelling is a strategy. 
When you know who you are, you show up differently. You command.
When you know what you want, you talk differently. You assert.
When you know your value, you dream differently. You impact.
#clarity #confidence

Your story is the foundation of everything. 
When you are in business, so much of your business comes from your story, i.e. audience, values, principles, mindset, offers, marketing, etc. 

You tell your story before you go to a graphic designer.
You tell your story before you build the website.
You tell your story before you design your offers. 

Ideally, but we don’t build a business that way.

But I’ve already done the above. I’ve made some money so my story isn’t necessary. Right?

Ask yourself. 

Are you serving repeat customers or new customers?
Are you serving a price-conscious audience (meaning they need deals to buy)?
Are your customers engaged in your business?
Are you serving customers or creating brand ambassadors as fierce as the #beyhive?
#community #connection

These customers ain’t loyal.  Storytelling is a love potion. It makes price irrelevant. When you invite your customers into a narrative where they know how they play a role in your success (beyond the sale), you build a powerful brand.

People want to see themselves in your story.  The foundation allows you to build a business with your quirks, your personality, your moments and your life lessons.

No one on the planet can do what you do. No one has the same set of experiences, expertise or point of view.
NO ONE.  Your story. Your superpower

What if I’m not in business? 

First, you are a personal brand even if you don’t have a business. You are always marketing the experience of you. Honor your experiences. 

Second, telling your story is a stream of revenue. It’s not just about the story, it’s about having a message that impacts the world (More on this later).

If you grew up on the block, there is a market for that.
If you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, there is a market for that.
If you grew up not wanting for anything, there is a market for that. 

business owner

You hold the power of the one thing that makes you unforgettable — your story. It’s as unique as your fingerprints and your DNA. And when used in marketing, it becomes the single-most-powerful weapon you have to stand out and when used in life, it becomes the essence of why you do what you do. 

It’s a relationship builder. It builds trust and humanity and makes people care.
It’s a content creator. It frees you up from chasing and creating endless content.
It’s a memory maker. It makes you unforgettable.


Everyone has a story — a narrative that tells the world who they are and why they matter. Your story is not boring, but your delivery could be (More on this later).

You had everything you need to finally start telling your story?

You finally release your story to the world and they love it?

You know where and how to market that story?

You actually knew what you were doing when it came to marketing?

Your marketing attracted the right audience?

You finally did the work needed to change your conversation?

You didn’t feel incompetent with marketing?

You had a proven story + marketing success system that works?

And what if marketing was fun and relatable?

Get more done?
Be more visible?
Make a bigger impact?
Focus more on changing your corner of the world? Sell more?
Make more money?

You need a hero. And it’s not me or the hottest face on the net. The hero in this great adventure is you (Cue anthem).

Your story is about showing the world proof that you were here. To build and grow your influence people must know your name, but the first person you need to influence is yourself. The greatest story ever told (or yet to be) is your own.

You have to:

Believe you can do this.
Believe you already own everything you need to achieve your vision.
Believe that now is your time.
Believe that you can break down the barriers holding you back.
Believe change gon’ come.
Believe your story matters.
Believe you can stand out from the crowd.
Believe in YOUR WONDER.



A 12 WEEK PROGRAM ON HOW TO TELL, market and pitch YOUR STORY to grow your business and change your life. 


Module 1: StoryORIGIN What are your superpowers? What makes you vulnerable? Why should we care? A good origin story answers these questions and more. Whether a personal or product brand, you have to be memorable. With the StoryMAKER13 checklist, you’ll uncover your true origin.

Module 2: StoryHEROES You’ve seen the most successful storytelling process in action — literally — in millions of movies. Learn the process Hollywood blockbusters use to keep you coming back again and again.

Module 3: StoryFANS Ever wonder why there are some brands you have to have and others you can live without? The secret to building a WONDERfluence brand is knowing how to make your customer feel like the hero in your brand story. Want an iconic brand? You have to do what iconic brands do.

Module 4: StoryWORDS How do you build your WONDERfluence? It’s all in your words. Your brand story can be in every aspect of your business from website copy, to advertising, to offers, webinars and speaking gigs.

Module 5: StoryBANK The StoryMAKER13 process unlocks a lot of memories. Catalog them to build up a portfolio of stories ready to use when appropriate.

Module 6: StoryDAILY Capture life’s everyday moments to never run of stories to share and to create the emotion that makes people care.

Module 7: StorySCRIPT Your customers eyes won’t glaze over when you tell your stories, if you stick to the script. Keep from telling endless details that lead to boredom. Remember that delivery we talked about? 

Module 8: StoryPLOT Ever listen to a story and thought, “What’s the point?” This module helps you turn a story into a message with seven proven storytelling plots.

Module 9: StorySHIELD
Storytelling uncovers some ugly stories. The shame of those stories can keep you hidden. Learn how to make peace with the ugly to uncover some beautiful life lessons.

Module 10: StoryMINDSET
This module covers 20 tips on how to use a Wonder Woman mindset to in your story + marketing (even if you are not a Wonder Woman fan).


StoryMARKETING Brand Assessment ($1,500 value) Take this assessment to determine where you need to focus your time and what can wait. Ascend in business from The Amazon to The Superhero.

StoryAAA (Triple A) Promotion System ($1,000 value) Learn the 9 different types of content to use for promotion and the stories to tell to Attract your clients, build Authority, and let potential clients know you are the Answer to their problems. 

StoryW.O.N.D.E.R. Business & Marketing Plan ($3,500 value) A business plan is a story. This business and marketing plan breaks down the W.O.N.D.E.R. and when done you’ll have the guidebook to chart your course. Track things like your offers, business structure, who you want to serve and more. 

StoryPITCH ($1,000 value) What’s the use in telling your story if no one knows you exist? Learn how to write a pitch that gets noticed. 

StorySPEAK ($1,000) A signature story needs a signature speech. Learn how to layer your stories to really move your audience to action.

BONUS 1: 12 Days to Slay Training ($500 value) 12 individual trainings and workbook outlining the components you need for a successful brand from the audience, sales funnel, social media, offer, mission and more.

BONUS 2: Marketing Success Swag Bag ($200 value) Get help with general marketing, social media and Facebook ads with these assets.  The Wonder List Bundle

  • 215 Ways to Use the Internet to Market Yourself
  • Social Media Audits
  • Facebook Ads To-Do List
  • 30-page Facebook Ads Planner

BONUS 3: THE LEAGUE Facebook Group ($1,000 value) Build CommUNITY, Connection and Collaboration inside the group. 
BONUS 4: Media Contacts ($1,000 value) Get 20 national media contacts to pitch your story.
BONUS 5: Story + Marketing Trello Board ($300 value) Follow the StoryMARKETING Brand Assessment with this Trello board planner


$897 in full

Lifetime access to THE LEAGUE training
Save $300


$399 per month

Lifetime access to THE LEAGUE training

Important Note:

THE LEAGUE program begins Monday, October 28.


THE LEAGUE program is designed to defeat the evil villains of marketing: overwhelm, confusion, distraction and loneliness with a system and framework that builds CommUNITY. Connection and Collaboration.   It doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be done.


  1. Assess your starting point. You can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you begin.
  2. Create a step-by-step plan. Learning new things is just information until you have a plan.
  3. Do the work. Inertia kills progress. Gain momentum through action.
  4. Check in with friends. 
With THE LEAGUE, your future self will:

Understand who you are and why you do what you do
Create a program/business based on your story, values and belief system
Stand in your value and stand out in the marketplace
Attract the right clients and people who want to work with you
Create content from your story that’s aligned with your product/service
Create a media system to promote yourself daily
Create a pitch to send out for features

At the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll have:

A list of narratives to tell your story
A brand assessment to plug in the story
A promotional plan to promote the story
A marketing plan to market the story
A pitch and media contacts to pitch the story
A signature talk to sell the story
Your experiences have not been in vain.

Everything thing that’s happened to you, happened for you to make a difference. Until now, you didn’t know how to tell your story or what to do with the lessons you’ve learned.

THE LEAGUE is where leaders go to become good storytellers and create good marketing. This is a defining moment in your life — a turning point.

Are you ready to BE-LEAGUE?

 Brick and mortar business
Online business owners
Real Estate Professionals
Fitness Professionals
Storytelling gets a bad rap.
We roll our eyes at the superficial rags to riches stories we hear all the time. Those are not stories, but storylines. 

No heart. No emotion. No morale. No takeaway. 

Let’s face it most of us have a started-from-the-bottom-now-I’m-here story.
I help people tell their value story. The stories that uncover what’s inherently different about them to the core.
I help clients unlock the stories buried in their memories — the stories that make people care. 

I turn stories into messages, by using life experiences to teach and inspire others. 

Your story is the vessel to help others define themselves — to see themselves– to learn about themselves- to make decisions about their life. There is power in that.  I believe the most sincere thing we can ask of someone is “Will you be a witness to my life?

It’s through witnessing each other’s experiences, that we are transformed. Humanity lives in our ability to respect another’s experience. 

The StoryMAKER and StoryMISSION Methods combines my best storytelling techniques into a complete system to help you make your mark on this world and profit from the transformation you provide.

My job is to help business owners uncover the 5 C’s of storytelling (Clarity, Confidence, Community, Connections, & Cash) and reshape their marketing efforts to change their positioning in the marketplace and in their lives. 

I build legends.

One story at a time.

I wasn’t sure why I was in business beyond making money. With Reesy’s help, I was able to identify what my real values are and the reason why I am in business. I want to build a legacy for my son. I’m so grateful to her for showing me how to put it all together. I know what makes me unique and now I can use that to grow my business.

Ashton, Creative Director, A-Team Designs

My business started evolving the moment we had our call and you, my friend, are a game changer of epic proportions. Your work is launching my business into a place of greater meaning and impact that I couldn’t work out how to reach because I was so busy outrunning my stories in the name of progress instead of drawing strength from the roots they have given me. You didn’t just uncover my origin story, you gave it – and my brand – new life. You are truly a wonder.

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you!

Greta, Conversion Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

I have worked with women for a long time. I was looking for someone to do for me what I do for others. I attended the live storytelling event and was really impressed by what I was able to uncover about myself. Reesy filled in some blanks for me about my experiences that I was unable to see. She really pulled it and made me get out of my head. I had the “what” and the “how”, I didn’t know “why” I did it. I now have a story I can use to pitch myself for speaking engagements. In fact, I was recently able to land a gig with my story.

Deirdre, Owner, PlanD Global Events

Reesy is amazing and so good at what she does at helping people figure out their story. Her heart of wanting to help people discover their story is so genuine. 

Vashdie, Finance Director

Reesy doesn’t just teach you the story. She shows you how to market it and use it get noticed. I really like that she takes the mental health angle into account. Telling a story can uncover a lot of trauma. She’s thought of ways to adddres this.

Tawni, Mental Health Director, MSW/PhD

We all have a passion or a purpose to do what we do. It’s hard trying to figure that out and help people understand that we’re not just doing stuff to make money. There is a story behind all of that and Reesy was able to help me figure out what that story is.  Guisela, Financial Planner
THE LEAGUE is not a course where you have information overload and no support when you have questions.

is not a membership where you have no road map on how to succeed. 

is a 12-week program with 1 learning path, 1 strategy, 1 path to success…YOURS. All powered by your story. 

More importantly, THE LEAGUE is a rallying cry, a call to action to show up now. 

Tell the story that gives clarity, builds confidence, fosters connections, grows communities and brings cash

Make your mark on the world, impact people who resonate with you and profit from the transformation you provide. 

But most of all, quiet that voice that asks “Will I be remembered?”  

While you may not need a statue erected in your honor, you want your contribution to world to be monumental.

If you are:

a speaker who needs to motivate
a teacher who needs to inspire
a preacher who needs to guide
a leader who needs to lead
a coach who needs to influence
a salesperson who needs to persuade
an activist who needs to lead


SHHH….you hear that? That’s the sound of the voice silenced. 

Now you know how to start.


$897 in full

Lifetime access to THE LEAGUE training
Save $300


$399 per month

Lifetime access to THE LEAGUE training

Important Note:

THE LEAGUE program begins Monday, October 28.

Disclaimer: THE LEAGUE is about the work. This program is not for you if you make excuses about why you can’t get things done. 

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