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Everyone has a story.


Everyone has a story.

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You want to be an influencer? A powerful brand? A change maker? A thought leader? You already are because you hold the power of the one thing that makes you unforgettable … your story.

It’s as unique as your fingerprints and your DNA. And when used in marketing, it becomes your single-most-powerful weapon.

It’s a relationship builder. It builds trust and humanity and makes people care.

It’s a content creator. It frees you from chasing and creating endless content.

It’s a memory maker. It makes you unforgettable.

Until you uncover and tell your signature story, your story remains inside you waiting until you’re ready to share and wield its power.

And just like any good hero, your powers are all your own – making you the only person on the planet that you can do what you do in the way that you do it.

*How storytelling affects the brain
*Discover the 5 C’s of effective storytelling
*Learn #1 storytelling mistake and how to avoid it
*How to use story in marketing
*Learn the best places to use story to communicate your message

Best for entrepreneurs, business owners, women’s groups. It can be adapted for corporations.



Most nonprofits are founded on a story that needs to be told. And though no nonprofit wants to be unforgettable, many are despite championing gold-star worthy, blue-ribbon pinning, finisher-medal wearing causes.

Saving the world is admirable…grandiose even, but without emotion, your message is a distraction like everything else.

Does your nonprofit’s digital presence exemplify the best of your organization?
What if you could take your nonprofit’s social status from mediocre to super?
So you don’t have to be embarrassed by your web presence.
So you don’t have to secretly (or not so secretly) envy nonprofits that do story + social well.
So your donors, volunteers and fellow do-gooders take notice.
So you have the respect of your peers and perhaps become the nonprofit of envy.
So people care about your organization … because it matters.

You … defender of honor; protector of civility; supporter of better days and better ways your online presence is not just a series of meaningless likes, shares, reposts and tweets. It’s the memoirs of your mission.

*How to stop talking about history and tell the stories of now
*Understand the psychology of storytelling
*Learn #1 people really want when they approach your nonprofit
*Learn what a story is not
*How best to show the work while honoring pushy stakeholders
*How to tap into the emotion that makes people care

Best for nonprofits or cause-based marketing.



More people buy from businesses they feel connected to — they want their money to mean something. They want to connect with brands that get them– that serve them as a whole person. Customers want relational, not transactional.

How do you stand out in a crowded market place? How do you show your differences, outline the values and belief systems or even solve the problems your consumers have in a compelling way.

A brand story.

A brand story is more than a collection of data, it’s a marketing tool that when done well creates raving fans, brand loyalty, and increases profits.

What makes a business different from any other business that provides a similar service is not the provision of the service, but in the way, it’s positioned to provide an antidote to the customer true problem.

*How the brain responds to story
*How to discover the stories around you everyday
*How to use story in marketing
*Uncover the best stories to tell to move people to action
*Understand the storytellers responsibility and why you should always seek this first

Best for personal brands, entrepreneurs, business owners. It can be adapted for corporations.



How to Develop Your Signature Story
Your experiences + expertise + point of view  = your signature story. In this workshop, learn how to connect your “why” to life experiences to develop your story.

*Learn the 7-step framework of how to develop and tell a story
*Learn what you’re “really” selling
*Learn why your signature story is important

Participants leave with a story ready to share.

When Queens Believe: I Am My Story
The most important ability you need to develop is the ability to sell yourself. Too often women reduce themselves and downplay their greatest to make others feel ok or they don’t understand the power they have. When women are trapped in the story of others, they do not stand firm in ownership of who they are. You are the stories you tell yourself.

This workshop examines the duality of storytelling and teaches women to use their most effective communications tool – their story – to influence, to impact, to change and to declare I. Am.

*How to break though mindset issues that keep you stuck
*How to tell your story
*Learn the best way to use story in your life and business
*Discover why storytelling is the best way to climb the corporate ladder (or personal one)

Bridging Gaps: Storytelling Through Our Differences
The most powerful thing to ask someone is “Will you be a witness to my life?” In this workshop, we address how storytelling builds common ground to open a dialogue to change. Storytelling allows us to showcase the individual complexities to cross over stereotypes and biases in order to witness the truth of who we are.

*Learn the psychology of storytelling
*Learn the 7-step framework of how to develop and tell a story

Participants are asked to share stories with Reesy’s guidance

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