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When you need a little help telling the story


When you need a little help telling the story


StoryMakers Center for Advocacy, Awareness & Change (SMC) is a communications and messaging firm that represents nonprofits, faith communities socially-driven private companies & entrepreneurs.

StoryMakers provides training and workshops on leadership, communication, team building and inclusion through storytelling and messaging. Through working with the StoryMakers Center, businesses are able to turn business and life experiences into profitable brand stories that build influence and thought leadership. Our mission is to help organizations craft narratives and storylines to communicate the value of the transformation they provide.


Selling products or services is not enough. You need a narrative to make people care. You are here because you have a problem. Hard as you try, you haven’t been able to articulate your message, tell the story on what makes you different or how you make an impact.

You need to connect your product or services to the reason behind why you do it, and more importantly, you have to give your clients or customers a reason why they should pick you rather than someone else. Without this connection, you’re just like everyone else and the race to the bottom is swift and cheap. Storytelling makes price irrelevant because when you can make an emotional connection with your audience, their perceived value around waht you do rises.

I help you uncover the one thing your competition doesn’t have– your story.  And then, I help you market it.

If you are a nonprofit with a cause to fund…
If you are a corporation that needs to look good for stakeholders …
If you are a church with a congregation to move …
If you are a leader with people to motivate … 

… this process with work for you.


Our clients have a unique set of challenges with communicating their value. Because stories are our brains preferred way to communicate, it crosses all industries and all aspects of personal and career development.


Use storytelling skills to engage and unite teams around a common cause. 


Use storytelling to communicate messaging and align people around themes and ideas. 


Break down silos and encourage camaraderie with storytelling. 


Our StoryMakers Kit can be licensed for your team or added to any train-the-trainer workshops. Our kits include our full StoryMakers Way™ process with associated workbooks and training materials.

It is designed to help you turn your life experiences into profitable brand stories with exercises to craft your story and exercises on how to apply the story in social media, speaking and pitching 

Purchase the kit for personal brands and marketing leaders. 

Our corporate and nonprofit kits contain additional resources to help master your stories and get your teams onboard.

For a corporate StoryMakers Kit, contact us for more details on how to license.

Reesy is a very talented speaker. Her style is very relaxed. She breaks down complex information and makes it easy to understand. Our students love her. We always sell out when she presents. ~M. B. 


Are you ready to work with Reesy?

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