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When you need a little help telling the story


When you need a little help telling the story


StoryMakers Consulting is a communications and messaging firm that represents nonprofits, faith communities, socially-driven private companies & entrepreneurs. 

StoryMakers provides training and workshops on leadership, communication, team building, diversity and inclusion through storytelling and messaging. Through working with the StoryMakers, clients are able to turn business and life experiences into profitable brand stories that build influence and thought leadership. 

We teach organizations how to get everyone on the same page united around a strategic narrative that drives success in marketing, sales and fundraising, recruiting, onboarding and production and productivity — and ultimate culture. 

Our mission is to help organizations craft narratives and storylines to communicate the value of the transformation they provide. 


Selling products or services is not enough. You need a narrative to make people care. You are here because you have a problem. Hard as you try, you haven’t been able to articulate your message, tell the story on what makes you different or how you make an impact.

You need to connect your product or services to the reason behind why you do it, and more importantly, you have to give your clients or customers a reason why they should pick you rather than someone else. Without this connection, you’re just like everyone else and the race to the bottom is swift and cheap. Storytelling makes price irrelevant because when you can make an emotional connection with your audience, their perceived value around what you do rises.

I help you uncover the one thing your competition doesn’t have– your story.  And then, I help you market it.

If you are a nonprofit with a cause to fund…
If you are a corporation that needs to look good for stakeholders …
If you are a church with a congregation to move …
If you are a leader with people to motivate …

… this process with work for you.


Our clients have a unique set of challenges with communicating their value. Because stories are our brains preferred way to communicate, it crosses all industries and all aspects of personal and career development.


Leaders have direct impact on the success of an organization — the right leaders motivate, inspire and build trust to move employees to action. 

Leadership without rapport lacks the depth needed to bring out the best in others. 

Storytelling helps ground leaders whereby you meet employees where they are — even if working within a hierarchy  it can level the playing field to feel more lateral and inclusive. 



Culture is the daily experience of the organization — and it is only as strong as the lowest common denominator.

Culture is what employees say about the organization when there is no penalty (perceived or otherwise) of thought. 

How leaders communicate expectations has a huge impact on culture. 

Storytelling helps turn literal language into a more empathetic voice where leaders can reach people on a personal level to align them around ideas and values. 


 Teams working in silos are not working for the good of the organization but rather their specific area. This is attributed to lack of trust, accountability and being disconnected from the overall mission. 

Storytelling helps break down those barriers and encourage camaraderie while also addressing conflict, rebuilding trust and creating a deeper, more sustainable belief in the brand. 

Our four main focus areas at StoryMakers Consulting are shaping leaders, transforming culture, strengthening teams and getting the brand noticed. 

Reesy is a very talented speaker. Her style is very relaxed. She breaks down complex information and makes it easy to understand. Our students love her. We always sell out when she presents. ~M. B. 


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