Turn your life experiences into profitable brand stories

… with the ONLY storytelling experience
delivered to your door. 

Turn your life experiences into profitable brand stories with the ONLY storytelling experience delivered to your door

Get your story out of your head and into the world with the training, tools and community to help you tell the story that changes your life and business.

Finally, a course that doesn’t require you to  download a pdf you’ll never use. 



This is a pre-order. Boxes scheduled to ship on or before January 13, 2020.



Receive a full ten-module audio storytelling program and workbook to help you get your story out of your head and into the world. Get comfortable with sharing your story in written, spoken and video format with your new storytelling skills.  


Celebrate your life experiences as you achieve each milestone. Each box includes self-care items and built-in incentives and encouragement
along the way to keep you going. Complete your 30-day story planner and receive the official StoryMAKERS t-shirt. 


Join the community of #storymakers and receive live masterclasses, weekly storytelling prompts and weekly community #storymakerslive sessions where we continue to learn, inspire and support each other. 

Hey Future StoryMAKER!

I’m Reesy.

At numerous times in my life I have felt invisible and it’s only when I shared my story that I could see myself which allowed others to see me as well.

The StoryMAKERS kit is designed to help you turn your life experiences into profitable brand stories with exercises to craft your story and exercises on how to apply the story in social media, speaking and pitching or to just to connect and communicate aka dazzle.

I was inspired to turn my training into a physical product because storytelling is an intimate process. When you are comfortable, you will relax and let your best memories surface and find those life lessons you can use to impact the world whether on stages, books, media, jobs and/or relationships.

I believe the fastest way to heal this planet is to tell your story.
I believe your story is the vessel to help others see themselves.
I believe when you ask another “Will you witness my life?” you invite change.

Humanity lives in our ability to respect and learn from each other’s experiences, expertise and point of view, whether you want to use your story in business or you want to use your story in your daily life.

I’m on a mission to cure invisibility.

One story at a time.


I wasn’t sure why I was in business beyond making money. With Reesy’s help, I was able to identify what my real values are and the reason why I am in business. I want to build a legacy for my son. I’m so grateful to her for showing me how to put it all together. I know what makes me unique and now I can use that to grow my business.

Ashton, Creative Director, A-Team Designs

My business started evolving the moment we had our call and you, my friend, are a game changer of epic proportions. Your work is launching my business into a place of greater meaning and impact that I couldn’t work out how to reach because I was so busy outrunning my stories in the name of progress instead of drawing strength from the roots they have given me. You didn’t just uncover my origin story, you gave it – and my brand – new life. You are truly a wonder.

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you!

Greta, Conversion Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

I have worked with women for a long time. I was looking for someone to do for me what I do for others. I attended the live storytelling event and was really impressed by what I was able to uncover about myself. Reesy filled in some blanks for me about my experiences that I was unable to see. She really pulled it and made me get out of my head. I had the “what” and the “how”, I didn’t know “why” I did it. I now have a story I can use to pitch myself for speaking engagements. In fact, I was recently able to land a gig with my story.

Deirdre, Owner, PlanD Global Events

Reesy is amazing and so good at what she does at helping people figure out their story. Her heart of wanting to help people discover their story is so genuine. 

Vashdie, Finance Director

Reesy doesn’t just teach you the story. She shows you how to market it and use it get noticed. I really like that she takes the mental health angle into account. Telling a story can uncover a lot of trauma. She’s thought of ways to adddres this.

Tawni, Mental Health Director, MSW/PhD

We all have a passion or a purpose to do what we do. It’s hard trying to figure that out and help people understand that we’re not just doing stuff to make money. There is a story behind all of that and Reesy was able to help me figure out what that story is.  Guisela, Financial Planner


What is included in training?


The StoryMAKER Training includes 10 Modules on storytelling ($4,500 value).

Module 1: StoryORIGIN
What are your superpowers? What makes you vulnerable? Why should we care? A good origin story answers these questions and more. Whether a personal or product brand, you have to be memorable.

Module 2: StoryHEROES
You’ve seen the most successful storytelling process in action — literally — in millions of movies. Learn the process Hollywood blockbusters use to keep you coming back again and again.

Module 3: StoryFANS
Ever wonder why there are some brands you have to have and others you can live without? The secret to building a influence brand is knowing how to make your customer feel like the hero in your brand story. Want an iconic brand? You have to do what iconic brands do.

Module 4: StoryWORDS
How do you build your influence? It’s all in your words. Your brand story can be in every aspect of your business from website copy, to advertising, to offers, webinars and speaking gigs.

Module 5: StoryBANK
The StoryMAKER process unlocks a lot of memories. Catalog them to build up a portfolio of stories ready to use when appropriate.


Module 6: StoryDAILY
Capture life’s everyday moments to never run of stories to share and to create the emotion that makes people care.

Module 7: StorySCRIPT
Your customers eyes won’t glaze over when you tell your stories, if you stick to the script. Keep from telling endless details that lead to boredom. Remember that delivery we talked about? 

Module 8: StoryPLOT
Ever listen to a story and thought, “What’s the point?” This module helps you turn a story into a message with seven proven storytelling plots.

Module 9: StorySHIELD
Storytelling uncovers some ugly stories. The shame of those stories can keep you hidden. Learn how to make peace with the ugly to uncover some beautiful life lessons.

Module 10: StoryMINDSET

This module covers 20 tips on how to use a Wonder Woman mindset to in your story + marketing (even if you are not a Wonder Woman fan).

**Audio training delivered on USB**





Plus …


StoryAAA (Triple A) Promotion System ($1,000 value) Learn the stories to tell to Attract your clients, build Authority, and let potential clients know you are the Answer to their problems. 

StoryPITCH ($1,000 value) What’s the use in telling your story if no one knows you exist? Learn how to write a pitch that gets noticed. 

StorySPEAK ($1,000) A signature story needs a signature speech. Learn how to layer your stories to really move your audience to action

$7,500 value. 

What else is included?

Part of the fun for a product like this is the surprise element of what’s inside the box. 

Self-care, encouragement and fun are kinda of thing for me. I know you will learn better when you treat yourself well doing the process. 

In addition to the curriculum, StoryMAKERS Kits contains items such as books, pens, affirmation cards and journals and a number of other things. 

People call me extra because I love giving and receiving packages, I want you to open this box and be excited to go through the process to find your story. 

The surprise adds to the experience. You agree to that element when you order. 

Is there a contract?

Nope! THIS IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION BOX. This is a full hands-on program. 

Imagine you purchase a digital course where you logged into a course area and receive dowloadable pdfs. Same concept except the curriculum is delivered to your home instead of your email and I’ve done all the printing for you. 

This is a one-time fee. 

Who is this for?

Personal Brands

Real Estate Professionals
Fitness Professionals

Get corporate StoryMAKERS kits for:

Brick and mortar business

How much is shipping?

Shipping is a flat rate of $8. At this time, we are only shipping to the United States. Fee wavied during Black Friday deal. 

When will my box ship?

Boxes ship on or before January 13, 2020


What is your refund policy?

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON SHIPPED BOXES. If you are unable with your purchase, please contact support at support@storymakerscommunity.com to resolve the issue. 


 This is a pre-order. Boxes scheduled to ship on or before January 13, 2020.

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