Witness My Life Leadership Storytelling Program - Shereese (Reesy) Floyd-Thompson

Witness My Life Leadership Storytelling

See yourself in a way you’ve only dared dream
Become the greatest leader, humanitarian … story ever told.


Life feels dissatisfying when you are a giant walking softly, a leader who goes unseen or you’re lost in the narratives of living — unable to see lessons learned, paths to success or greatness earned. No other skill can change the direction of your life like telling your story.

You are a leader whose destiny is recorded in the annals of your story. It has given you the power to persuade and to shape lives — but more importantly, it’s given you the power to see yourself as you have been created and to see your name in places you’ve never seen before. 

Witness My Life is a six-month leadership storytelling curriculum for leaders ready to translate the chronicles of their history and write their names in the journals of the present day. This program is designed to peel back the layers of all the things you were told you “should” be to get to the heart of who you truly are. When you are a hero living without a mission, everything suffers like esteem, health, wealth and relationships. This is a journey into your life with your story as the foundation. Learn how to leverage your unique perspective across all industries and all the roles you take on.


Acquire New Techniques to Address Personal Development

Analyze current positions on authenticity, wealth, and leadership to develop new skills for personal fullfillment 


Strengthen Storytelling & Leadership Skills

Leverage your experiences, expertise, and point of view to develop influence and hone the powers of persuasion. 


Distinguish Yourself from Competitors

Use your personal experiences to create opportunities only available for your unique circumstances.  


Understand Your Perspective in Life & Business

Development the elements of effective thought leadership 


Invest in Your Legacy Major

Choose an exclusive StoryTrax curriculum to reach your most important goal whether writing a book, creating a TEDx talk, launching a course or pitching media. 

Leadership and storytelling are synonymous sharing similar tenets — none more important than the power to persuade. Once you know how to tell a story, you know how to lead. Develop your leadership presence and master your personal story style.

Learning how to tell your story presents new opportunities for you to show up in the world differently. With your new skills, you’ll expand your vision, increase your influence drive change and challenge yourself beyond your today.

A good leader is also a good supporter. Community is currency. It allows you to see things others don’t while also expanding your perspective by listening and digesting stories with diverse ideas and thoughts. Being a supporter also helps you become a team player — another aspect of being a good leader.



who it’s for

Witness My Life Leadership Storytelling is open to leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, mananers, and teams across all industries and roles. 

If you want to build and grow your influence, authority, credibility within your company or network, this program is for you.


Shereese Floyd-Thompson, President of StoryMakers Consulting | TEDx Speaker and Coach

Shereese is a story strategist who teaches organizations how to get everyone on the same page united around a strategic narrative that drives success in marketing, sales, fundraising, recruiting, onboarding, production and productivity — and ultimate culture so you can stand out in the marketplace and never compete on price. 

Customize this Program

StoryMakers provides training and workshops on leadership, communication, team building, diversity and inclusion through storytelling and messaging. Through working with the StoryMakers, clients are able to turn business and life experiences into profitable brand stories that build influence and thought leadership.

Our mission is to help organizations craft narratives and storylines to communicate the value of the transformation they provide.

To learn how we can co-create a program for your organization, contact us at relationshipmanager [at] storymakersconsulting.com

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